Leash expander from traindee®: Gentle solution for pulling dogs

Dog owners know the problem: You go for a walk with your four-legged friend and suddenly the dog pulls on the lead.

This can not only be very unpleasant, but also dangerous. However, to keep the dog in check, leash jerks have often been used so far. But this is not a gentle solution.

The leash expander from traindee® offers an alternative here.

The gentle solution for pulling dogs: Stretchable leash expanders from traindee®

The up to 4-way stretch leash expander from traindee® is an innovative tool for dog owners who want to control and train their dog without resorting to harsh and aversive measures. The expander is a type of elastic dog lead that is attached between the chest harness and the regular leash. Due to the elastic properties of the expander, the dog is gently slowed down when pulled without having to resort to harsh leash pressure.

The stretchy expander is equally helpful for more relaxed walks and outdoor activities with a young, rambunctious and energetic dog when a lead is mandatory. This is especially the case with hunting dogs and dogs that cannot be reliably retrieved in areas rich in game, or even required by law. Constant pulling would be quickly tiring with a normal leash and could even have painful effects. Common fun in any case, has man and dog then of course no longer.

Control pulling dogs without lead pressure

If the dog pulls on the leash during a walk, it is gently slowed down by the lead expander. This way the dog learns that it makes no “sense” (e.g. no reaction from the human as unconscious reinforcement or physical stress due to pain) to pull on the leash. The gentle leash expander method promotes positive parenting and strengthens the relationship between human and dog. The expandable dog leads from traindee® are available in various sizes and strengths and can be easily attached to any standard leash, or used directly as a lead.

The shock-absorbing and up to 4-fold stretchable leash expanders from traindee® are a gentle and effective solution for all dog owners who want to teach their four-legged friend in a modern and non-violent way to stop pulling on the leash. Especially when conventional training and education methods do not bring success, which can be the case especially with very stressed dogs. By using the expander, the dog is gently slowed down when pulling and any stress on the part of the dog owner and the dog is eliminated. This allows a pleasant and stress-free coexistence to work on leash leadership and other training tasks.

When dogs pull on the leash, it can be not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous. The leash expander from traindee® offers a gentle solution.


Leash expander from traindee®: Gentle solution for pulling dogs